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We are taking a fresh look at milk

Every drop is encoded with valuable information. 


Introducing Fauna

The world's most powerful milk analysis platform. We are bringing the precision of blood diagnostics to dairy


Our handheld platform uses proprietary optics and spectral techniques to measure 10+ key parameters from raw milk, including somatic cell count, fat, antibiotic residue and BHB, instantaneously.

Dairy Farm

For dairy producers & veterinarians 

Our smart dashboards help dairy cooperatives assess milk quality in the last mile while farmers get real-time insights into their herd health while connecting them to our veterinary network

Data driven insights to drive dairy production

We are enabling precision dairy farming by bringing evidence based intelligence right to the farm. Testing on farms coupled with historical data of the animal's health helps make decisions that are effective - both for the animal and the farmer.

Our testing menu

Somatic Cell Count

SCC detects Mastitis which affects nearly 25% of milch animals globally

Fats & SNF

Fats and SNF (Solid non-Fat) are used to determine milk quality and pricing


Beta-Hydroxy-Butyrate (BHB) is used to screen for Ketosis, which affects production

Antibiotic Residue

Antibiotic residue emanates from the treatment of Mastitis and other conditions


Progesterone can help determine reproductivity status in cattle 


Lactate Dehydrogenase is an early indicator of Mastitis in addition to SCC


Protein is a quality indicator in milk and can also indicate early onset of Ketosis


Calcium can help determine hypocalcemia (milk fever) which affects productivity

*in development

Case Studies

Our partners 

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